The Sister Church project is another important aspect of MCM's earlier ministry in Mexico.

Mano con Mano Health Reach saw the need to support young pastors until their churches can become self sufficient. A church was born in Villas del Sol, Mazatlan Mexico, in part because of the many people who came to Christ through medical and dental clinics conducted during short term mission trips. The new believers needed home bible studies, counseling, discipleship and a place to worship and serve. The Iglesia Nueva Vida in Villas del Sol had a building that was funded and constructed largely by teams of Christians from the United States. They did not have a full-time pastor due to lack of financial support.

In 1996, after meeting Jose Rodriguez Valenzuela and hearing his testimony and desire to serve the Lord full-time, prayer efforts were launched regarding the wisdom of starting a ministry that would support Jose as a pastor until the church became self sufficient. Advice from experienced missionaries and church planters was to develop a network of prayer, financial support and accountability that would sustain the church during its initial years. A program of decreasing financial support was set up. In 1997, Mano con Mano Health Reach founded the Sister Church Project, and took on the church in Villas del Sol as a pilot project. In 2002, we will complete the monetary part of this ongoing ministry and continue to stand behind Pastor Jose in prayer. As a result of this partnership, thousands of people have heard the gospel during evangelistic campaigns, the medical and dental clinics that have been held over the years and in many weekly services and bible studies. Several pastors from the United States have developed friendships and prayer partnerships with pastors in Mexico as a result of the clinic ministry and Sister Church Project.

Los Olivos Learning Center in YaluMano con Mano is now partnering with a local christian church, Los Olivos, in the town of Sumpango, near the feeding center in Yalu, Guatemala. Our hope is to bring the Gospel to the community near the feeding center by partnering with the local pastor and helping the church financially as it grows to become self-sufficient. Los Olivos has also begun academic and spiritual support to 50 children from Yalu and are utilizing the Nim Jay feeding center as a base of operations for what has been named the Los Olivos Learning Center in Yalu.

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