Education is critical to improve the lives of the Mayan population in rural Guatemala and the working poor throughout Latin America.


Funds are provided for students in Mexico and Guatemala to further their education in the effort to help them escape the cycle of poverty as well as prepare them for service in Christian ministry. Funds to pay tuition and school supplies for children are provided each year. Even though the cost of tuition for public education and the required school supplies is very minimal, many poor families would not even be able to afford basic public education. In addition, scholarships for students in advanced studies are made available. Nursing school, pre-medical school, education for abandon children, and seminary tuition are among the educational supports provided by Mano con Mano each year. Mano con Mano has subsidized the seminary education of Pastors who wish to enter the ministry in order to help establish new indigenous churches in locations where MCM ministers. Currently Mano con Mano is partnering with Los Olivos church in Sumpango to provide additional educational tutoring to 50 students in Yalu in the afternoons in the Nim Jay feeding center. Learn more about the Scholarship Program.

If you are interested in this ministry and would like to learn more please Contact Us or if you wish to make a monetary donation please visit Make a Donation. Write Education-Scholarship in the memo line of your check to ensure that it goes to the Scholarship Program.

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