Health education is critical to improve the quality of life for rural Mayans in Guatemala.


Dr. Efrain examining newborn with volunteerPrenatal Education: due to the high infant mortality rate in rural villages, a prenatal program was started in Guatemala. This program includes both education and physical assessment of pregnant mothers. The educational portion of the prenatal program teaches expectant mothers about the value of good nutrition for themselves, their newly born child, sanitary health practices, provides prenatal vitamins and folic acid to prevent cleft lip and palates and other birth defects which appear in a much higher rate among Mayans with a poor diet. Physical assessment checks the pre-birth weight of the mothers, their health in general, and the position of the unborn infant. Due to the prenatal program, the mortality rate of newborns has dropped dramatically. Visit the Prenatal page to learn more about this ministry

child at feeding centerNutrition and Sanitation: Mano con Mano employs a part-time physician in Guatemala who works through the feeding center. His work is to assess malnourished children and mothers to determine their acceptance into the feeding program. Another important part of his job is to teach both children and their parents about good nutrition, foods to eat as well as those to avoid, and especially health-related sanitation practices. Washing hands with soap is not commonly practiced among the poor. Keeping food clean, sanitary toilet habits, cooking practices, and many other areas are just some of the teachings done by the doctor. He is able to do this important work because he himself is indigenous to Guatemala and speaks the local dialect. Visit the Nutrition page to learn more about the Nim Jay Feeding Center.

If you would like to support a child or an expectant mother in the feeding center, a tax deductible gift of $25 will support one person for a month of meals. Visit Make a Donation.

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