Mano con Mano's Health program in Guatemala is currently focused upon these 3 areas.


Community Health Program - Mano con Mano is involved in several community health projects in Guatemala. These projects aid rural Mayan villagers by providing a better lifestyle and reducing health problems. The projects that are currently underway are bed and bathroom construction and wood burning stove installation. Please visit the Community Health Program page to learn more about these exciting and beneficial projects to help the Mayan people of Guatemala.

Prenatal Health Program - Due to the high infant mortality rate in rural villages, a prenatal program was started in Guatemala. This program includes both education and physical assessment of pregnant mothers. The educational portion of the prenatal program teaches expectant mothers about the value of good nutrition for themselves, their newly born child, sanitary health practices, provides prenatal vitamins and folic acid to prevent cleft lip and palates and other birth defects which appear in a much higher rate among Mayans with a poor diet. Physical assessment checks the pre-birth weight of the mothers, their health in general, and the position of the unborn infant. Due to the prenatal program, the mortality rate of newborns has dropped dramatically. Visit the Prenatal Health Program page to learn more about this ministry.

Environmental Health Program - Dealing with garbage, human waste and pollution is a problem in many parts of the world. In rural Guatemala, these problems not only impact the environment but lead to significant health concerns. Visit the Environmental Health Program page to learn more about how Mano con Mano is impacting this problem in the Mayan village of Yalu, Guatemala.

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