Mano con Mano Health Reach is an organization of both full-time and part-time missionaries. The following make up this team:


Picture of Susan with 2 ladies receiving new glassesThe Joneses: Susan and William Jones served on a full-time basis in Guatemala from 2003 to 2007. Susan earned a Masters Degree as a nurse practitioner and has worked in the nursing field for over twenty years. Due to her background in nursing, Susan participated in many short-term team ministry trips to both Mexico and Guatemala. In 1995 she helped found Mano con Mano Health Reach to provide much needed health care for the poor in Mexico. Since 1991 she has made more than 15 short-term trips. Today she serves as president of the Mano con Mano home board and oversees the financial structure of the ministry. Her husband, William, was a teacher for 21 years. He earned a degree from Fuller Seminary and has served in many capacities in various churches over the past 30 years. Along with Susan, William has participated in numerous short-term ministry trips. While he was teaching at Christian Academy in Guatemala, Susan brought him awareness of serious malnutrition among the Mayan children she was seeing in the clinic. In 2004 they began praying for funds and land to build the feeding center. Within two years the project was mostly completed, at which time the Jones returned to live in the United States to spend time with their children and grandchildren. William passed in early 2010, and Susan still works as executive director from the U.S. to raise needed funds for the ministry, making trips to Guatemala for staff encouragement and oversight.

The Doyles: Brennan Doyle left Rhinelander, Wisconsin to work in an orphanage in Guatemala in 2001. While doing various building projects there, he met his future wife, a Guatemalan architect named Mariajose. They were married in 2003, but became parents of a little girl in only four months. Actually, little Lucia, their adopted daughter, was deserted as an infant by her mother, wherein newly-weds Brennan and Mariajose took her as their own when she was brought to the orphanage where they worked. Within a year, Mariajose gave birth to their son, Ben. The Doyles worked on various building projects for a number of Christian ministries in Guatemala before being asked to become the Field Directors of Mano con Mano Guatemala. Today Brennan and Mariajose oversee the feeding center named Nim Jay in the small village of Yalu. They are responsible for securing food for the 300 children and expectant mothers of the village, overseeing the maintenance of the feeding center building, and supervising the feeding center cooks and maintenance workers. They are active in their church in Guatemala, doing signing for the deaf in the congregation, teaching Sunday School and Brennan playing in the worship band. When they find time, they visit Brennan’s parents who still live in Rhinelander. Mariajose, a university trained, licensed architect designs structures for various Christian ministries, while Brennan’s construction experience helps see them built. Brennan and Mariajose are MCM’s hands in the Guatemalan ministry.


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