Mano con Mano Health Reach is a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 status with the U.S. government. Leadership is provided by a board of directors. All board members are health care professionals who volunteer their time to Mano con Mano by participating on mission trips, training team members, and making the decisions necessary to run the ministry.

Meet our Board Members:

Picture of Susan with 2 ladies receiving new glassesSusan Jones, NP, MSN, is a Nurse Practitioner who has been participating in short term mission trips since 1993 with Seattle Christian Schools and Mano con Mano. Susan is one of the founders of Mano con Mano along with her sister, Michelle Beaulieu. Susan serves as the Executive Director of Mano con Mano, and has served fulltime in the past as a missionary in Guatemala. Susan worked in a clinic for Mayan people in a remote highland village outside Guatemala and directed a nutrition and prenatal program in another village. She currently works as a Nurse Practioneer in the Seattle area and is actively involved in fundraising for Mano con Mano's feeding center in Guatemala.


Picture of Johann in Dental Clinic in MexicoJohann Yi, DDS, is a general dentist practicing in the Seattle area who has participated in many Mano con Mano mission trips in the past. He has provided dental care to countless numbers of people in Mexico, Africa, Jamaica and other underserved areas of the world. He became a Mano con Mano board member in June of 2004. He provides valuable expertise not only in dental care but in his breadth of knowledge and experience running a private dental practice.


Picture of Brian performing an automated refraction on a patientBrian Nelson, M.D., is a board certified ophthalmologist who began working on short term vision teams with Seattle Christian Schools in 1999. Brian joined the board of directors of Mano con Mano in 2001, and has helped to improve the quality of our vision clinics through training nurses and lay volunteers in the basics of vision care and dispensing glasses. Brian's areas of interest are training of vision team personnel, participation in vision clinics and development of the Mano con Mano website.


Picture of Gregg and some Guatemalan children in YaluGregg Brown, grew up in St. Joseph Missouri. Gregg earned his undergraduate degree in Finance at the University of Missouri - Columbia and currently works at Boeing as a financial analyst. He recently finished the level 3 Chartered Financial Analyst exam and is interested in applying finance and business in general as a means to serve God. He joined the Mano con Mano board in 2009. Gregg has visited Yalu once previously and is currently preparing to move to Guatemala to study Spanish and serve with various non-profit organizations.


Picture of Kelley and some Guatemalan children in YaluKelley Brown, grew up in Federal Way Washington. Kelley currently works as a Registered Dietitian in Seattle where she earned her undergraduate degree in dietetics at Seattle Pacific University and completed her dietetic internship at Washington State University extension. She is interested in all things health, from public policy to personal consultation. Kelley joined the Mano con Mano board in 2009. She has previously volunteered on two short-term trips to the Nim Jay feeding center in Yalu and has been involved in menu planning and nutrition consultation for the feeding center. Kelley and her husband Gregg are preparing to move to Guatemala to study Spanish and serve with various non-profit organizations.


Jim Hines MD, graduated from the University of Texas and practiced as an internal medicine physician for over 25 years before moving to Guatemala to serve as a volunteer physician to the poor. Jim and his wife, Kay, have three grown sons, and live in Corpus Cristi, Texas when they are not providing care in a children's home or working with the Mayan poor. Jim and Kay are on the board of founders of the Mano con Mano Nutrition Center in San Jose de Yalu, Guatemala, and Jim is on the US board of Mano con Mano.

Former Board Members

Rob Caudillo, M.Div., began supporting the ministry of Mano con Mano and the Sister Church Project when he met Pastor Jose Rodriguez in 1997. Rob was instrumental in writing the original Sister Church Covenant between the churches in Mazatlan and Villas del Sol, Mano con Mano and Marcus Whitman Presbyterian Church. Rob has participated in three vision clinics. In 1998, Rob joined the original board of directors. Rob retired from the board in 2001, but remains a prayer partner of Pastor Jose Rodriguez, Daniel Celis and a source of encouragement to Mano con Mano.

Lisa Curran R.D.H., is a Registered Dental Hygienist and pastor's wife who was actively involved in the dental ministry of Mano con Mano and Seattle Christian School's Missionary Outreach Program since 1993. Lisa joined the board of directors of Mano con Mano in 2001. Lisa's areas of interest are the dental ministry, promoting short term missions via the local church, training team members and encouraging Latin pastor's wives via the Sister Church Project. Lisa retired from the board in 2009.

Donna Davis, R.N., B.S.N, is a Registered Nurse who became active in Mano con Mano's health care ministry in 1999. She joined the board of directors in 2000. Donna has previous experience in short term missions with AMOR ministries in Tijuana. Donna learned how to organize a vision clinic with Mano con Mano in 1999, and has since led several vision teams with AMOR ministries as well as participating in vision mission trips with Mano con Mano and Seattle Christian School. Donna has since gone to be with the Lord but was very active in missions up until the time of her passing.

Sharon Im-Lee, has a background in non-profit community development and project management. She currently works as a project manager for a retail company. She joined her first MCM team as a member of the vision and dental team to Mazatlan in 2001. She joined the MCM board of directors in June of 2004. Sharon's areas of interest are encouraging short term teams and prayer for the ministry. She also supports MCM in the areas of accounting and finance.

William Jones R.T., M.A. (theology), was a teacher and Radiologic Technologist. William (Memo) was involved in a supportive role with Mano con Mano since its inception. In 1993, Memo retired from teaching in the US and became a volunteer teacher at a school for missionary children in Guatemala city. In 1994, Memo felt led to begin a nutrition and education center in Yalu, a remote village of nearly 5,000 Kaqchikel Mayans and ovversaw construction of this facility. Memo’s love of children and attention to detail have made the feeding center a source of love, encouragement and learning for hundreds of children. William passed away in 2010 and is very much missed by those involved in Mano con Mano.

Randy Lake, D.D.S., a general dentist, was on the mission trip in 1993 that was the "seed" which became Mano con Mano Health Reach. He has participated in four dental trips with Mano con Mano and was one of the founding board members in 1998. Randy retired from a term of service on the board in 2001, but remains involved in dental teams, and is a source of support and encouragement for the dental ministry and the Sister Church Project.

Deborah Stotts, R.N., is a Registered Nurse, who became involved with Mano con Mano in 1996 in a medical and dental clinic. Debbie participated in various teams in the areas of health screening, dentistry and vision clinics. After traveling to Mexico several times, Debbie helped set up the corporation of Mano con Mano as part of the founding board of directors in 1998. Debbie retired from active board membership in 2001, but has remained a source of encouragement and active supporter of the Sister Church Project.

Mano con Mano Health Reach has over 300 volunteer members who support the ministry through prayer, participating in short term teams, monetary donations, gathering supplies, contributing to the newsletter, and a variety of other support activities. You can join Mano con Mano as a prayer partner, volunteer or financial supporter by contacting us.


Mission Statement

Mano con Mano Health Reach is an evangelical Christian health care organization which serves to provide quality health care to the people in under-served areas of the world in a compassionate and culturally sensitive manner.  Mano con Mano Health Reach is committed to team ministry/mission which fosters a partnership between United States and International health care volunteers, churches, pastors, and other outreach ministries as a witness to the love of God and the message of hope in Jesus Christ.


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